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Tune out of the world

Tap into yourself

Our mission is to educate and prepare everyone from children ages 12 to 18, young adults to the elder
community to become global leaders who will build bridges and equality among different peoples and
cultures in order to restore the equilibrium of Mother Earth and to ensure that her diverse inhabitants
survive, thrive and move forward together into the future.

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Products & Services

Growing into Light will offer five different products and services in total. From overnight stays on the
property in Minas Gerais to teacher certification programs and one on one sessions with our Shamans.
Every program is designed by Shaman Regina Cohen and conducted along with the fellow teachers and shamans working with GIL.

21 Day Retreat

This program focuses on the emotional and physical release from every aspect of your life.
Understanding what makes you who you are and how to become who you want to be through truth. Connecting your mind, body and spirit to grow into the best version of yourself.

10 Day Retreat

This program will be a shorter version of the 21 day retreat focusing on opening the understanding of your past, emotional and mental behavior and life beliefs. With a strong approach to working with truth to reprogram the mind, body and spirit.

Eco Tourism Groups

Excursions created to teach people about the different functions of our ecosystem along with an understanding of the eco friendly approach to living on our planet.

Teacher Certification Program

● Massage Therapist
● Crystal/Color Healer
● Nutrition Specialist
● Movement Therapy

One on One Shaman Healing Practices

This is a private program for people who wish to spend individual time with a Shaman focusing on both mental/spiritual and physical growth. It is customized and tailored to the individual.

Grow into Light

About us

We plan to be a leader in creating outlets for the world to grow into a higher level of living. From healing to eco tours explaining the planet and its many functions.
Through the creation of collaborative communities around the world in which cooperative ownership of resources cohabit healthily with private property ownership, our emerging leaders will work together to create a sustainable future which heals the planet and assures harmonious living in the face of adversity.

Grow into Light

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